The Clodge Latin Course

nuntium scindite
benedictus est nuntius scissus
nam nuntius scelestus est

Welcome to the Clodge Latin Course! Have you ever wondered what our lyrics are on about? Well this course probably won't help you with that, but it might enable you to translate some of our Latin lyrics. This course is divided into several stages, so select one in the menu below. Note that the various stories in the lessons are not intended to be historically accurate; I don't know whether there was ever a bloke called Lucius with a collection of peacocks roaming his back garden. But you can be sure (ish) that the stories will be as embellished as those in any of the Latin text books in your local classically-minded school.

All sections of the course that are currently available are listed below. Additional material will be added over time. This course assumes no prior knowledge of Latin, but it may help to have studied a language before.

If you don't understand something, try the examples on that page and the next one, as you may end up being able to use the concept in practice without fully understanding the theory.

Part One